Q?Does BackLynx find backlinks? What does the “optional add-on” do?

Purchasing the optional add-on for BackLynx will allow you to find up to 250,000 backlinks. BackLynx primarily functions as a backlink monitoring tool, but the optional add-on allows you to gain the ability to FIND backlinks as well. The purchase can be completed multiple times per account, so if you purchase the add-on twice, you can find 250,000 backlinks. You can view how many backlinks are remaining for finding in your account by clicking the Find Backlinks page in BackLynx.

Q?What am I entitled to by purchasing a license to BackLynx?

If you are a month-to-month user, you will only receive the following benefits while your subscription is active; if you are a lifetime user, you will receive the following benefits forever:

  • Unlimited access to BackLynx software from your desktop
  • Ability to check as many or as few backlinks as you desire
  • Automatic updates for BackLynx, including program enhancements
  • Access to our support staff to answer your questions and resolve your problems
  • Unrestricted access to BackLynx from any PC; your license is transferable at your will (please see the FAQ entry “Q: I already bought BackLynx …” for info on how to activate your license).

Please view the end user license agreement (EULA) for more information.

Q?What are the purchasing options?

Licenses for BackLynx are purchased on a monthly subscription or one-time payment (lifetime) basis. For more information on pricing, please see our pricing page.

Q?How do I use BackLynx to check links?

After importing links from a file by pressing CTRL+O or CTRL+I, you can check links by pressing F1, or clicking File->Check Backlinks Now.

BackLynx Screenshot of File Menu

Q?I already bought BackLynx but I still see a trial window. How do I activate my purchase?

Click the ‘Already Purchased?’ button in the trial notification screen and follow the instructions to tie your purchase to your PC.

Q?How many PCs can I use with my license?

Your license to BackLynx includes two (2) PCs, which you can control the authorization of at your will. BackLynx uses hardware based authorization. You can update your licenses no more than once every 5 days. Transferring your license to a new PC is free.

Q?How do I update BackLynx?

BackLynx is self-updating software. To update BackLynx, just open the program and you will be notified if there is an update available.